Genealogy Goals, Hints, and a Cruise

2020 Goals
For your New Year’s genealogy research goals, Debby Wright suggests a video from the Genealogy TV blog .  “With research goals, you create research questions, with research questions, you can create research plans, with research plans you develop places to look for your ancestors, but it all starts with what do you want to know about your family history?” Get inspired by viewing it HERE.

Another method to tackle those 2020 goals comes from The Family History Daily which provides a 15 Minute Plan. “Fifteen minutes a day for 365 days adds up to more than 90 hours of ancestor sleuthing each year!”  Read more HERE.

Debby also shares a link to an excellent video on how to get more out of the HINT functions in and  View it HERE.

Dianne Carlton gives a shout-out to those who enjoy cruises or have always wanted to take one – an opportunity to cruise AND pursue your genealogy interest! Pioneers and Family History offers a cruise to Alaska in August! Click HERE for more details.


Sunday, Feb 2, 2020
Bromley Room, 1:00 p.m. Free Admission

Living Voices, a performance –   “Island of Hope”

“One family escapes oppression in the old country
and sails to a new life in the new world. But what
happens to those stranded at Ellis Island?
Experience the struggle to escape oppression and
discover life at Ellis Island during its busiest years,
and the fears and dreams of every hopeful
American immigrant.”


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The Siuslaw Genealogical Society of Florence, Oregon is a member supported, non profit organization. Researching genealogy and family history is our passion.
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