SCGS Genetic Jamboree

Southern California Genealogical Society’s 2018 Genetic Jamboree
May 31, June 1 – 2
Los Angeles

Attend via live streaming – details HERE.

Irish Genealogy Questions Answered – While at the SCGS Jamboree, Legacy Tree Genealogist will be hosting a free virtual Q & A on their Facebook page.  Submit your Irish genealogy questions HERE then join the Q & A on Thursday, 5/31 at 6:30 p.m. for answers from Irish genealogy expert Kate Eakman.

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SGS May 16th Monthly Meeting

The May monthly meeting will feature a video and a discussion on haplogroups.  

May 16 at 7:00 p.m.
Siuslaw Library
Bromley Room

The public is invited!

A member business meeting will follow the evening’s presentation. 


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DNA Project, 2020 Census News

All of Us Initiative
Member Brenda Gilmer shares a link to a National Institutes of Health project that ‘hopes to give more accurate data about the overall population and fix a long-time discrepancy that has real health impacts”.  Read the full article HERE.  “Volunteers will be asked to donate their DNA, complete health surveys and wear fitness and blood pressure trackers to offer clues about the interplay of their stats, their genetics and their environment.”

2020 Census – Citizenship Question
Mike Allen informs us of the ‘Every Person Counts Act’.  The bill, S.2580 is authored by Senator Menendez (D-NJ).  Read the article from the Dick Eastman’s blog HERE.

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Genealogy News

Member Kevin Mittge shares:
“The announcement that the Golden State Killer was possibly identified through the use of genealogical DNA databases have people thrilled but also unsettled about the legal, ethical, and moral issues involved.  The Legal Genealogist, Judy Russell, has a really well-written, well-thought out, blog post about the issues around this and her thoughts.” Read the full article:  The Bull in the DNA China Shop.

Vice President Jacquie Beveridge reminds everyone of the May 21st new season of Who Do You Think You Are.  Read more HERE.

The May 16th SGS meeting will be a discussion of halo groups, and possibly a National Geographic video.

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Of Genealogy Interest

Mike Allen shares a link on how DNA from an old murder case was matched first to relatives of the murderer, then to the murderer himself.  Read the full story HERE.

Upcoming Genealogy Classes:  Kevin Mittge will be teaching two ‘Finding Your Roots’ classes on May 11 (1 – 3 p.m.) and May 25 (1 – 3 p.m.).  The free introductory family history classes will be at the library and are limited to 10 participants.  Register at the library’s reference desk, or call (541) 997-3132.

DNA Seminar Images Courtesy of Dale Barnett:

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DNA Quest – MyHeritage Project for Adoptees

MyHeritage is providing DNA kits to help eligible adoptees reunite with their birth families.  If you are an adoptee and unable to afford genetic testing, click HERE to apply and see if you qualify.  Hurry, deadline is April 30, 2018.

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DNA Test Kit Savings

In celebration of National DNA day (April 25th), special reduced pricing on DNA test kits are being offered by Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA (All of its tests), MyHeritageDNA, 23andMe and LivingDNA.  Ending date on this offer varies by company.  Read the full article from The Legal Genealogist blog HERE.

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