Capturing Life Stories

he March 21st SGS meeting presentation features Jacquie Beveridge, Pat Rongey and Debby Wright.  They will be demonstrating Apps and Videos for recording your family history.

Some things have to be seen to be believed!  Before it’s too late… YOU can record your family history, or at least the part you and another family member know, with user-friendly apps and modern technology.  Jacquie Beveridge will share tips on how she and her husband recorded his parents’ stories twenty years ago…as well as a few things they wish they’d done differently.  A handout with useful websites and tips will be available.

Debby Wright and Pat Rongey will be demonstrating how to preserve your life story on video.  These video CDs can be shared or converted to book form.  Pat’s “lifesaver video” technique has appeared in the Portland Oregonian and the Bend Bulletin.”  For this demonstration Debby Wright will be playing the part of her maternal grandmother Hester Lowe, whose parents came to Oregon from Kansas in 1890.  Debby has been painstakingly putting together grandmother Hester’s story.  She has interviewed relatives, viewed photos, and censuses.  Debby has also researched the photographers times and place of business.

Join us for this fascinating presentation!

March 21, 2018
Siuslaw Public Library
Bromley Room, 7 p.m.
~ Public is invited ~
Regular member business meeting follows.

2020 Census
President Mike Allen received the following response from Senator Merkley:

“Thank you for contacting me to share your concerns about the 2020 Census. I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue.

As you know, census data determines how seats are apportioned in the United States House of Representatives. Data from the census also determines how hundreds of billions of dollars are appropriated to different state and local governments.

Due to a lack of funding, the Census Bureau was forced to skip several trials of its newest counting methods in recent months. In the past, underfunded censuses have led to inaccurate results, which typically undercount our most vulnerable communities. For example, the 2010 Census failed to count nearly 1.5 million African American and Hispanic Americans.

You will be pleased to know that I sent a letter with my Senate colleagues to the Appropriations Committee requesting full funding for the 2020 Census. The census is an essential part of our “We the People” democracy, as it will determine how the next generation of Americans is represented in Congress and ensure that minority communities have access to the resources they need.”

All my best,
Jeffrey A. Merkley
United States Senator

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Genealogy News

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New Projects from MyHeritage
Member Pat Rongey shares a link to a new project from MyHeritage – helping adoptees connect with their birth families.  Free DNA kits to eligible participants!  Apply  HERE.

Also from MyHeritage – a new database of U.S. School Yearbooks, 1890-1979.
“. . . names can be searched accurately (with synonyms and translations, which is often not possible in free-text collections), as well as matched automatically to the family trees on MyHeritage.”  Read more and access a 14-day free trial HERE.

County Boundaries
Member Marilee Mulvey shares an article from Dick Eastman’s blog on the Atlas of Historical County Boundaries, a free website.  Click HERE.

President Mike Allen announces Spring events from the Oregon Genealogical Society:
1.  Family History Writing Workshop April 6 – Jill Morelli (Midwestern, northern German and Scandinavian ancestors);
2.  Spring Genealogy Seminar Saturday, April 7, 9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Topics include:  6500 Miles & 32 Repositories: My Travels through the Midwest.  Research at courthouses, archives, & State libraries; Solving the Family Myth Using the Principles of Logic; The Genealogical Proof Standard for Everyone; and Finding Our Women: 25+ Places to Find a Surname.

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SGS Webinar Presentation

Special thanks to Merilee Mulvey and the New England Historic Genealogical Society for providing screenshots of last week’s webinar on City and Rural Directories.  View it HERE

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SGS Feb 21st Meeting

PROGRAM – February 21, 2018; 7:00 p.m.; Bromley Room
“City and Rural Directories: More than Just Names” is a webinar from the New England Historic Genealogical Society with Rhonda McClure.

“City and rural directories can be incredibly useful resources for genealogists. They can help you pinpoint a time and place for ancestors on the move, offer occupational information, and even help give clues to death and marriage dates. Join Senior Genealogist Rhonda R. McClure to learn how these resources were created, what information is generally provided, where to locate these sources online or in print, and how to use these records effectively in your family history research.”

Public is invited.
Membership meeting immediately follows.


Salt Lake City – February 28 thru March 3
Conference Updates
View Full RootsTech Schedule
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Unable to attend RootsTech 2018 in person this year? We’ll miss you! But don’t worry—many of the sights and sounds and learnings from the conference will be streamed live on our home page! Join us starting on Wednesday, February 28 at 9:30 a.m. MDT to hear from popular speakers such as Amy Johnson Crow, Jim Brewster, Curt Witcher, and more! General sessions featuring keynote speakers will also be streamed. Join the conversation happening on social media using #NotAtRootsTech. 

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Of Genealogy Interest

Family Photo Discovered on EBay
An incredible revelation from Dick Eastman’s Genealogy blog – You Never Know What You Will Find on eBay!  Read the full story HERE.

Member Jo Ann Garlington shares another link from Dick Eastman’s blog – ‘Sweet Home Genealogical Society Seeks Help Identifying Hundreds of Photos’.  The Society hopes to identify donated family photos, and Lebanon photographer John Eggen’s collection of places and residents from the Lebanon, Sweet Home and surrounding areas.  If you’re interested in helping out, details can be found HERE.

President Mike Allen says ‘it’s time to get your family tree in order’!  View more HERE.

Vice President Jacquie Beveridge announces a free webinar from the Southern California Genealogical Society –  The Scots-Irish Migration to North America; March 10th; from
10 – 11:30 a.m.  ”Many Americans can trace their ancestry back to the British Isles. Some have even heard that their background was “Scotch-Irish”. We will focus on who these people were and where they came from in the British Isles. “  View registration information HERE.

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Finding Family Search Unindexed Records

SGS member Debby Wright shares a link to a video on how to “Find Elusive Records” on  The presentation demonstrates how to discover the unindexed records you may be searching for.  View the it HERE.

Members Comment on the Living Voices Performance

Judy Thibault:
“I was so impressed with this presentation!! The Living Voices presentation was very good, history in action. Great combination of live acting and media.  The presenter was such a great actress!”

Debby Wright:
“Very interesting!  I love historical memoirs and fiction.  It makes history much easier to learn. By knowing how strong our ancestors were, we know how strong we can be.”

Mike Allen:
“Pat and I thoroughly enjoyed the Living Voices performance, particularly because we could relate the experiences portrayed to those of our ancestors, who immigrated to America during the same time period. It was a very emotional experience. I am hopeful we can have another Living Voices performance next year.”

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Living Voices – A Great Event

Rachael Atkins did a superb performance at the Living Voices event this afternoon.  It was enjoyable to witness her storytelling with video and theatrical performance!

Special thanks to SGS member Pat Rongey for arranging accommodations for Ms. Atkins.

Member Marilee Mulvey shares a link (courtesy Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter) to a reverse genome project of a man who ‘has been dead since 1827’.  Scientists have ‘managed to reconstruct part of his genome from 182 of his descendants, even though his remains have long since been lost.’  View the article HERE.

Ireland Trip
President Mike Allen announces an upcoming Fall trip to Ireland (Sept. 23 – Oct. 2, 2018) by Lane Community College (LCC) through Collette Tours. There will be a travel presentation on Friday, Feb. 2nd, 1:00 p.m. at the college in Florence.  Mike also has brochures and trip details.   Additional information is also available HERE.

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