Suggestions on How to Spend Your Time

Kevin Mittge suggests:
From the DNA eXplained site, Roberta Estes has a good post acknowledging those sewing masks, and concludes with 5 things people can be doing right now to help take their mind off the virus.
1)  Free Virtual Genealogy Association Entertainment Show video.
2)  Free Legacy Family Tree webinar every day in April. HERE.
3)  A triple treat:  MyHeritage free photo colorization tool; All U.S. census records; and a Free Trial Subscription
4)  New DNA matches
5)  List of free Educational videos and Nat’l Archives records

Also, Family History Activities When You Can’t Focus – an article by Amy Johnson Crow from the Generations Cafe blog deals with what many of us may be experiencing – being too distracted to even do genealogy.

Merilee Mulvey suggests you may be interested in looking at:
Legacy Family Tree Webinars members should regularly check their site for webinars as well. Also, direct access to the list of Ancestry’s free record collection may be found HERE.
NEHGS members should do the same. NEHGS has an archive of webinars for the last year and many are good to watch more than once!

My Heritage Free Webinars – Learn from the Experts
Genealogy expert Daniel Horowitz explains how to use features of MyHeritage with Q & A from the audience.  Online webinars are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 11 – 11:30 a.m. PST. Webinars are free, but you must register in advance.  See below for the schedule and registration links for each day.
April 7 – Accepting Smart Matches
April 9 – Filling in the Details on Your Tree
April 16 – Generate Charts and Graphics
April 21 – Accepting Record Matches
April 23 – Pedigree Map
April 28 – Consistency Checker
April 30 – Instant Discoveries

Military Research 
Karen Childs shares a Facebook page she found which may be of interest for military historians. View it HERE.

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Got Time? View Genealogy Marathon Recordings

Genealogy Marathon Recorded Classes – Free Viewing
Free viewing of the recorded classes from the recent 24-hour Genealogy Marathon has been extended thru April 6. Sponsored by Family Tree Webinars and My Heritage, topics include:
– How Do I Know It’s Correct: Evidence & Proof
– Advanced Googling for Grandma
– Can a Dead Man Sign a Deed?
. . . and many more.  View the classes HERE.

Overcoming Hardships to Conduct the First Census
16 U.S. Marshalls and 1 territorial governor conducted the first U.S. Census in 1790.

Carrying out the census in 1790 was difficult in a new country with little infrastructure and a widely scattered population.

Read the full article from the U.S. Census Bureau HERE.

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SGS News of Interest

A woman learns her great-Aunt’s remains had not been buried, but stored as an unsolved murder mystery in a laboratory for nearly 60 years. With help from a forensic pathologist and family history researcher, the great-niece was finally able to provide a proper burial for her great-Aunt in Sunderland, England.  Read the full story from the BBC News HERE.

Ink Cartridge Fundraiser Update
Pat Rongey reports $178 was recently received from the SGS Inkjet toner recycle program. This program helps fund the subscription on the library’s Siuslaw Room computers. Our drop boxes are located in the library, Habitat for Humanity and at Shipping Solutions.

. . . plastics used in printer cartridges are composed of an engineering grade polymer. This polymer has a notably slow decomposition rate that ranges between 450 to 1000 years to be fully decomposed, depending on the cartridge type. Printer ink may also be leaked, which contributes to pollution in the surrounding environment.

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SGS March 18th Meeting Cancelled

In order to help minimize the risk of transmission of COVID-19, aka the coronavirus, we will be cancelling our March 18th meeting. ALSO, we are cancelling all future meetings until it is determined the immediate threat has passed.

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Genealogy News

Don’t forget!  The free genealogy 24-hour webinar marathon begins tomorrow – Thursday, March 12 at 2 p.m. PST, hosted by FamilyTree and MyHeritage.  From advanced Googling to DNA, this event promises to have something for everyone.  View speaker list, scheduled times and Registration information and access HERE.

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Education Expo

Mike Allen shares pictures from the recent Education Expo at Siuslaw High School and reports “they had a great time visiting with some potential members of SGS”.


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Of Genealogy Interest

Roots Tech Conference – Salt Lake City
The 10th anniversary of the Roots Tech Conference will take place from Feb 26 – Feb. 29th. View conference details HERE.  For those of us who can’t attend, but still want to take part, you can view a select number of live classes and events, including the daily keynote speakers. These videos will be broadcast live at You can view the streaming schedule for each day HERE.

2020 U.S. Census
In less than a month U.S. households will begin receiving 2020 Census invitations. The invitation will “include instructions on how to respond to the 2020 Census online or by phone. By April 1, most households will have received an invitation delivered either by mail or by a census taker. In areas of the country that are less likely to respond online, a paper questionnaire will be included in the initial mailing to households. Reminder mailings will be sent to households that do not respond, and in the fourth mailing every household that has not yet responded will receive a paper questionnaire.”

Mike Allen at the SGS Table at the library on Feb. 21st.

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