SGS March 20 Meeting

The March 20th Sisuslaw Genealogical Society meeting will include two webinars for the evening program: Ancestry DNA: How It Can Help with Genealogy Brick Walls; and “10 Top Tips for How to Bust Through Your Genealogy Brick Wall.

March 20 at 7:00 p.m.
Siuslaw Library
Bromley Room
The public is invited!

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In the News

Another Look at’s ThruLines
Roberta Estes ‘dissects’ Ancestry’s new feature to shed some light on: “What does ThruLines Do?”, and “How Is It Suppose To Help Us”. View the article from her DNAeXplained site HERE.

Lost Photos Mystery Solved
Member Merilee Mulvey shares a recent story appearing in Dick Eastman’s blog of photos found in a Glasgow’s store last year that were turned over to police.  They were posted on social media and “solving the mystery revealed an unexpected link to one of the darkest moments in the history of the BBC”.  Read the full story from the BBC Scotland News site HERE.

The March 20th SGS meeting program will feature two webinars: Ancestry DNA: How it can help with genealogy brick walls; and “10 Top Tips for How to Bust Through Your Genealog Brick Wall”.

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Of Genealogy Interest

Robert Lee Heilman at the Library 3/16
Attend a presentation by Myrtle Creek author Robert Lee Heilman on Sat., March 16th, at 1 pm, as he discusses and reads from his book Children of Death. Growing up in a family in which his German-speaking grandparents had migrated to the United States from Russia during the first decade of the Twentieth Century, he found himself wondering: Where had the Heilmans lived before they migrated to Russia? Why did they leave their home to settle there? And, most poignantly, what happened to the relatives who stayed behind in Russia? This program may be of interest for those with German ancestors who lived in Russia. 

Changes to
SGS Secretary and Library Researcher Debby Wright shares helpful videos on Ancestry’s recent changes from Roots Tech 2019.

  • Address from’s CEO Margo Georgiadis – a brief overview on new products and enhancements (11 minutes).
  •  What’s New at Ancestry – Crista Cowan’s informal class prior to her main RootsTech presentation (25 minutes)
  • Crista Cowan’s main stage presentation (entire presentation, 56 minutes) – a preview of new tools with tips for how best to search to make new family history discoveries.

Debby informs us MyHeritage has also introduced a similar tool to Ancestry’s ThruLines called “Theory of Family Relativity”.  She has been using both features and “while not perfect”, suggests as long as you verify the hints, they can help identify how you are related to your matches.


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SGS February 20th Meeting

The February 20th SGS meeting will feature a presentation by Kevin Mittge, who will share information on how to best access and utilize resources at the Library of Congress (LOC).  The LOC has one of the world’s premier genealogy collections – with 38 million cataloged books, manuscripts and other print materials in 470 languages including more than 50,000 compiled family histories and over 100,000 US local histories. The library also collects local histories from around the world, with strong collections for Western Europe, especially the British Isles, Ireland and Germany.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Siuslaw Public Library
Bromley Room, 7:00 p.m.
The public is invited!

The SGS members’ meeting will follow the presentation.

If You Think Your Ancestors Came Here Legally
President Mike Allen shares an interesting link to immigration restrictions, . . .  or the lack thereof.  View the article HERE.  

Mike and wife Pat visited this statue of Annie Moore, the first to arrive at Ellis Island with her two brothers while in Cobh (pronounced “Cove”), County Cork, Ireland.

Mike’s grandmother left for America from this same port in the 1890’s.


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Advanced Genealogy Class

SGS President Mike Allen will be teaching an Advanced Genealogy Class at Lane Community College.  If you have roadblocks or just want to delve deeper into your family tree, this is the class for you.  Class starts Feb. 25th.  Click HERE for more details.

The February 20th SGS meeting features a program on resources at the Library of Congress by Kevin Mittge.

The Hear My Voice performance by Rachel Atkins of Living Voices was a remarkable enactment of the 72-year struggle for women’s suffrage. The dramatic portrayal brought the historical events to life.

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Of Genealogical Interest

Living Voices – Sunday, Feb. 3rd

1:00 p.m. Library, Bromley Room
~  Hear My Voice  ~

erilee Mulvey shares a post from on the meaning of 20 symbols often seen on headstones. Read the post HERE.

California Cold Case
An article in the LA Times describes a 31 year old case where investigators worked with members of  The DNA Doe Project, a forensic genealogy organization to obtain a victim’s identification.  Using, they were able to discover enough matches to the victim’s grandparents to finally make an identification.  Great article, read it HERE.

DNA Kits as Christmas Presents
Member Judy Thibault shares a post from the Boredpanda site of someone who bought 6 test kits for his family for Christmas, and ‘it turned their lives upside down’. Read the article HERE.

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Living Voices – Feb 3rd

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