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Merilee Mulvey shares an article of a Kentucky archeological dig that reveals Civil war soldiers dyed their hair. Photography may have played a role. The Civil War was the first war on U.S. soil to be photographed.  Read about the discoveries from Camp Nelson HERE.

GEDmatch recently announced it is being taken over by the forensic genomics firm Verogen. GEDmatch founder Curtis Rogers released a letter to users addressing concerns for the future. Read his letter HERE.

The 2020 Census Bureau is striving to ensure every person living in the U.S. is counted, reaching out to those in rural and remote areas – whether “at the top of a  mountain or at the end of a mile-long gravel drive”.  Read the story HERE.

At the November SGS meeting, there was an inquiry for contact information for:
The Oregon Genealogical Society, Inc. (OGS)
Address: 955 Oak Alley, Eugene, OR  97401-3148 (541) 345-0399
According to Merilee, the research facility at their address maintains a great deal of information about Oregon history and genealogy.

Living Voices – Sunday, February 2nd (Bromley Room) – “Island of Hope”.

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