Summer Picnic – August 16th

August 16th @ 4:30

Reserve the Date!


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Pioneer Heritage Day – Deadwood Pioneer Cemetery

The public is invited to Pioneer Heritage Day at the Deadwood Pioneer Cemetery.  The event takes place on Monday, Memorial Day, May 29th and features:
‘Old Time’ Music
Geocache Hunting
Demonstration on How to Clean Historic Headstones
A Civil War Expert 

A free lunch  (hot dogs, chili and beverages) will be served.  Potluck items are also welcomed.  For more information, contact SGS member Pat Rongey (541) 603-5730 or click HERE.

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Photos Looking for a Home

As a f0llow up to his recent mystery photo presentation, SGS member Mike Allen shares a story about photos looking for a home.  Read the story HERE.

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DNA Test Kit Sales

 National DNA Day is Tuesday, April 25th.
Take advantage of savings on test kit sales.  Read more HERE.


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Fourth Great Grandfather

SGS member Sally Daugherty on her banished kin:

Asher (or I Became Grandpa)

I had planned to put him on display
Antiseptic_ like in a pickle jar
As family history came out to play, then a new concern

I could speak in error, misquote or just fail to mention
Something shocking and meant to titillate
Like an old dusty rumor showing up too late, yet

Fragile documents, archived, still remain alive today
Damn those torpedoes_ I will let the curious see
Welcoming back my banished kin

Fourth Great-Grandfather Asher Dunham
Though a convicted and banished traitor
Through my eyes_ he now has  a say


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Genealogy Shorts at April 19th SGS Meeting

The April 19th SGS meeting will feature Genealogy Shorts by three SGS members.

  • Mike Allen will tells us how a mystery flea market photo turned out to be his ancestor.
  • Jacquie Beveridge will inform us how one woman’s quest for two half-sisters revealed unexpected results.
  • Sally Daugherty will share with us how she came across something totally unexpected when researching an ancestor from Canada.


Genetic Test for Disease Risk
SGS member Mike Allen shares an article on the FDA’s recent announcement of approval for ’23 and Me to Sell Genetic Tests for Disease Risk to Consumers’.  This will potentially allow anyone to purchase the $199 test to ‘learn if they have mutations increasing their risk’ for certain diseases.  Read more HERE.

WWI Centennial
April 6th marked the centennial of the U.S. involvement in WWI.  
Read stories of the lives affected by the war.  

“About 116,000 American military died during that war—nearly half of whom died before they reached France, victims of the Spanish Flu Pandemic that swept the world, killing millions.”

Read the full article HERE.



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More DNA Results

DNA Results on Fox News
Morning show hosts on Fox & Friends were recently presented with their DNA results from MyHeritage.  Click on each name to view their results:

Steve Doocy
Brian Kilmeade
Ainsley Earhardt

Safety Pin Movement
During the February meeting there was a brief discussion on people wearing safety pins to show support for those experiencing abuse.  From that meeting, SGS member Sally Daugherty penned the following poem.  

Safety Pin

Mmmm… February, this tiny month is just 28 days, and
our psyche’s been bruised in so many ways.
With crisis after crisis rushing on by, now
is a crazy time, mixed up. The days seem to fly.

Then, I saw some folks, each wearing a safety pin.
That handy piece of metal invented years ago. It
held cloth diapers safe, next to my baby’s skin. And
for rips and lost buttons it solved many a woe.

Then came Velcro and many elaborate glues. So
people forgot about that old safety pin.
Strange bedfellows these days, poor pin is back in use.
Concerned citizens brought out a humble old friend.

Safety pin, now in place; shirt pockets, hats, many lapels.
To the uncertain and fearful of their acceptance it tells.
Announcing to the world that all people are kin.
What about you friend? Do you wear a safety pin?

Broadcast on KXCR radio on February 18th and 19th, 2017.

Upcoming Events:
April SGS Meeting – Genealogy Shorts (SGS members Mike Allen, Jacquie Beveridge, Sally Daugherty) 
July Guest Speaker – Linda Forest on’s DNA Results and Matches 

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