SGS Guest Speaker (7/19) – DNA Results

Linda Forrest will be the featured speaker at next week’s SGS meeting. Her presentation topic is “Autosomal DNA:  Understanding and Using Your Results.”  Ms. Forrest’s interest in genetic genealogy began with her husband’s Y-DNA test in 2007, as previous efforts to research his paternal line had failed.  Test results showed his father’s original surname was not Forrest.  By 2012 autosomal testing made it possible to identify his ancestors and connect with living cousins.  Ms. Forrest now regularly teaches classes on genetic genealogy. You won’t want to miss this presentation!

July 19th, 7:00 p.m. in the Bromley Room, Siuslaw Public Library

The public is welcome to attend!

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Of Interest to Genealogist

Amelia Earhart – The Lost Evidence
Member Marilee Mulvey informs us the History Channel will be airing on Sunday (July 9th), a special feature on new findings of Amelia Earhart’s disappearance.  See a preview HERE.  NBC News has also posted an article describing the recently discovered photograph of Amelia and her navigator.  View it HERE.

Merilee shares two other links of interest:
1) An article about a rare Revolutionary War-era ledger recently discovered on eBay! Read about this amazing find HERE; and
2) A new FREE online database website for New York Deaths 1880-1956 is now available.

Support National Archives and Library of Congress
President Mike Allen calls our attention to proposed budget cuts that will affect genealogist.  “As genealogists, we need to support the funding of projects which provide digitization and online access to historical documents.” Read more HERE.

FamilySearch Microfilm Services
Member Jacquie Beveridge reminds us the time is winding down on FamilySearch discontinuing their microfilm lending service on September 1, 2017. Read a recent article from Lisa Louise Cooke’s sit

SUMMER PICNIC POTLUCK – AUG. 16th, 4:30 p.m. Elks RV Park (Mercer Lake Road)  Map to Picnic
If you haven’t already signed up for the picnic and indicated your potluck dish, or need to see what’s on the menu, click HERE.

Membership Dues are Due!!

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FamilySearch to Discontinue Microfilm Distribution Services

FamilySearch will discontinue microfilm distribution services on September 1, 2017 as a result of positive strides in online acess to digital images. Read announcement HERE.

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Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

At Wednesday night’s SGS meeting presentation, Kevin Mittge mentioned the online Sanborn Fire Insurance maps which provides a wealth of information, accessible with a searchable database (by state and city).  Member Merilee Mulvey shares a link to a recent article from Lisa Louise Cooke’s Genealogy Gems.  Read the article HERE and locate your ancestor’s neighborhood! 

Merilee also reports “there is a direct link to the Library of Congress section dealing specifically with the fire insurance maps. Members might like being able to go directly to the actual pages where the maps are explained and how to access them.”  Click HERESUMMER PICNIC POTLUCK – AUG. 16th, 4:30 p.m. Elks RV Park (Mercer Lake Road)
If you haven’t already signed up for the picnic and indicated your potluck dish, or need to see what’s on the menu, click HERE.

MEMBERSHIP DUES are due – $20 Individual or $30 Family.
For more info or to mail in your payment, click HERE.

JUNE MEETING MINUTES now available for viewing or download.  Click HERE

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SGS June Meeting, Member Updates + More

Siuslaw Genealogical Society Meeting
June 21, 2017
7:00 p.m.
Featured Presentation: Internet Sites, Kevin Mittge
(Presentation followed by Member Business Meeting)

DNA – Different Family Results?
Mike Allen’s daughter just received her DNA results. He reports a surprise when comparing those results with his and wife Pat’s. He shares a link for more on surprises like this.  Read more HERE.

Karen Childs shares a link from the Genealogy Bank site on “What Induced your ancestors to serve in the war of 1812?”  Read more HERE.

Mackiev’s Family Tree Maker 2017 Release Update
The new release is still pending – with some synchronizing issues (particularly with large trees) being worked out. This new edition is built together with Ancestry and integration with FamilySearch.  For the very latest update news click HERE.
Still Have Questions? See their FAQ.

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Genealogy Shorts on KXCR Radio

Tune in to radio station KXCR (90.7 FM) on Monday, May 22nd at
4 p.m.  The station’s ‘Grab bag’ program will feature the April 19th SGS Genealogy Shorts presentations by members Mike Allen (his path to identifying an ancestor from a flea market photo); Jacquie Beveridge (connecting with half sisters and brothers) and Sally Daughterty (researching a fourth great grandfather).  Set your dial to 90.7 FM and tune in!

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Summer Picnic – August 16th

August 16th @ 4:30

Reserve the Date!


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