Poem by Sally Daugherty

4th GGF

My brain churns this morning
yielding an occasional belch of insight
or heart felt pang of remorse.

Must digest theory of yesterday.
That banquet of aged information
visible, gobbled up from Fold 3.

New Hampshire bones lie undisturbed as
my ancestor inhabits the internet
exposed for anyone to see.

Every pay slip, absence, enlistment noted
plus our triumph at Saratoga
later his suffering at Valley Forge.

Never himself a hero, struggling on
then victorious, returning home to farm
he married a neighbor woman.

Pension papers note meager belongings,
chest, table, six chairs and crockery,
plus teenagers still living at home.

Under a government issue headstone
unnoticed in a family plot,
lies John Robinson as
the scion of this man, our nation is now outspread.

SD 12-6-19