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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the SGS June and July meetings have been cancelled. Stay tuned for details on the next meeting date.

Memorial Day Weekend Events
Jacquie Beveridge shares a link to the Weekly Genealogist newsletter which includes stories of interest, and research resources. A free webinar on May 22 (today!) features the Story of Highclere Castle (where Downtown Abbey was filmed).  Access the webinar HERE.

Member Pat Miller reminds everyone of the free access to Fold3 through Monday, May 25.  Access the site HERE.

Also, on Tuesday, The Genetic Detective  (featuring genealogist Ce Ce Moore) series premiers on ABC at 10:00 p.m.  Originally scheduled for May 26th, on-line media reports the premier has been re-scheduled for June 2.  Check you local listing, as it is still scheduled on Spectrum for May 26 at 10 p.m.

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Genealogy News

American Ancestor/NEHGS and the Boston Public Library will present a free virtual event featuring a new book, “The Lost Family: How DNA Testing is Upending Who We Are”. Journalist Libby Copeland will discuss her book and the impact of DNA testing on the American Family.  The event will also include a conversation with Dockser Marcus, a health and science reporter for the Wall Street Journal. Register for this free May 20th, 3:00 p.m. event HERE.

Suggested Readings from Legacy Tree Genealogists
You’re sure to find something of interest in the Legacy Tree Genealogists blog.  A few samples are:
 Finding Humor in Genealogy Documents – (Specifically, Names and Occupations)
 4 Types of Land Records – (A good explanation of Deeds, Land Grants & Patents, Mortgages and Tax Records); Often overlooked, such records can be significant in providing clues to relationships between family members, the location of an ancestor’s farm or house and solve that brick wall issue.
 Connecting the Dots – Genealogical Proof – (When is genealogical proof ‘enough’?)

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Census News

79 million households have responded to the 2020 census so far!  The Bureau is staging a ‘Digital Action Weekend: May 1 – 3’.

Use Your Social Media Accounts to Help Spread the Word!

Please help us spread the word about the 2020 Census, and encourage people to respond on their own if they haven’t yet done so:

 Join us during a Digital Action Weekend, May 1-3, 2020. Please use #2020Census and/or #Censo2020 when posting on all of your social platforms. 

Respond to the Census On-Line, by Phone, or Mail.
Importance of Data.
Impact on Community.
Resource Guide

Also, an interesting article by Alec Barrett discusses The Evolution of the American Census.  “What changes each decade, what stays the same, and what do the questions say about American culture and society?”  Even if you think you know all about the census, this read and interactive graphs may enlighten you even more.  View it HERE.

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View U.S. High School Yearbook Pictures (1890 – 1979)
MyHeritage is providing free access to their yearbook collection through May 23rd. View the original black and white version or utilize the In Color tool to view photos or the entire yearbooks in color. These records normally require a subscription, so take advantage of this opportunity – a good time to capture those pictures of family members you may not already have.  Look up friends, or yourself!  Begin your search HERE.

2020 Census Status
52.4% of households have now responded to the census, that’s 77,500,00 households!

How Best to Tell A Story?
There’s a saying, ‘there’s more than one side to a story’.  No argument there, but what about the best way to tell a story, and make it interesting? A recent post from the Legacy Tree Genealogist’s blog provides suggestions on ‘Using History to Tell Your Family Story’.
View it HERE.

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Video Stories

The Little Shoes
View a short video from CBC News of how a 100 year old DNA solved the mystery of little shoes from the Titanic.  View this incredible story HERE.

Roots Less Traveled
A new NBC weekly TV series starting April 4, Roots Less Traveled follows a pair of family members who bond over their search to solve family history mysteries. 

“From rumors of ancestors aboard the Titanic to stories of homesteaders forging a new path for future generations, the duos discover the truth behind the tales that have been passed down for generations, revealing the inspiring lives their ancestors led. In partnership with Ancestry®, they learn how their past has shaped their present and through this shared journey how family bonds are deepened.”  The season’s 7 great stories include 460  people and 1,280 records.

The Genetic Detective
A new ABC series follows investigative genealogist CeCe Moore who uses her research skills to resolve the toughest crimes. “By working with police departments and crime scene DNA, Ms. Moore is able to trace the path of a violent criminal’s family tree to reveal their identity and help bring them to justice. The series premiers on May 19th at 7 p.m.



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Message from SGS President

I am happy to announce that Jacquie Beveridge has volunteered to assume her role as our Vice President!  She and her husband are very fortunate to have returned in good health from their lengthy, and somewhat unusual cruise.  They have cancelled their next cruise, and she now feels ready and able to take on this responsibility.  She joins our 2020 roster of  SGS Officers.

Thank you all for your program ideas, and please keep them coming! I know Jacquie will be able to schedule them in a logical manner for our presentations when we resume our monthly meetings.

Once again, I hope you and your families are well.  Continue safe practices and when we get together again, we can share the great strides we have made in our family tree searches.

Dianne Carlton
President, Siuslaw Genealogical Society

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Suggestions on How to Spend Your Time

Kevin Mittge suggests:
From the DNA eXplained site, Roberta Estes has a good post acknowledging those sewing masks, and concludes with 5 things people can be doing right now to help take their mind off the virus.
1)  Free Virtual Genealogy Association Entertainment Show video.
2)  Free Legacy Family Tree webinar every day in April. HERE.
3)  A triple treat:  MyHeritage free photo colorization tool; All U.S. census records; and a Free Trial Subscription
4)  New DNA matches
5)  List of free Educational videos and Nat’l Archives records

Also, Family History Activities When You Can’t Focus – an article by Amy Johnson Crow from the Generations Cafe blog deals with what many of us may be experiencing – being too distracted to even do genealogy.

Merilee Mulvey suggests you may be interested in looking at:
Legacy Family Tree Webinars members should regularly check their site for webinars as well. Also, direct access to the list of Ancestry’s free record collection may be found HERE.
NEHGS members should do the same. NEHGS has an archive of webinars for the last year and many are good to watch more than once!

My Heritage Free Webinars – Learn from the Experts
Genealogy expert Daniel Horowitz explains how to use features of MyHeritage with Q & A from the audience.  Online webinars are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 11 – 11:30 a.m. PST. Webinars are free, but you must register in advance.  See below for the schedule and registration links for each day.
April 7 – Accepting Smart Matches
April 9 – Filling in the Details on Your Tree
April 16 – Generate Charts and Graphics
April 21 – Accepting Record Matches
April 23 – Pedigree Map
April 28 – Consistency Checker
April 30 – Instant Discoveries

Military Research 
Karen Childs shares a Facebook page she found which may be of interest for military historians. View it HERE.

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