For the New Year


Pat Rongey suggests taking a look at the Citizen Archivist Missions website for a list of possibilities – many worthwhile opportunities. Projects involve tagging and transcribing records.

Projects include:
– Transcribe ‘typed or handwritten narrative that documents the escape and evasion experience of the escapee or evader . . . “
– The American Soldier – Transcribe ‘collection of more than 65,000 handwritten reflections by U.S. soldiers who fought during the Second World War.
– Transcribe ‘correspondence, reports, and case files pertaining to the property of individuals, families and businesses impacted by involuntary evacuation and relocation because of their foreign national status or Japanese Ancestry.”
– European Name Index – Transcribe ‘index cards that contain the name of an individual, a case number, a summary of information from the case relating to the individual . . . victim, witness or accused . . .’

Many more projects you may find of interest. Learn more HERE.

Upcoming January 20th Presentation for SGS Meeting:
A webinar on DNA Painter – a chromosome mapping tool to help you ‘visualize’ DNA connections among your relatives. This is sure to be fascinating!
January 20th, 3 p.m. at the Mustard Seed.

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SGS Meeting Nov 16 – Genealogy Software

A presentation of two popular genealogy software programs – Family Tree Maker and RootsMagic will be featured at the TUESDAY, November 16th meeting at 3 pm. Join us at The Mustard Seed, 509 Kingwood Street. The public is invited.

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Irish Traditions and Celebrations

Merilee Mulvey shares a recent post from the Ireland Reaching Out website. The timely article discusses All Hallow’s Eve (October 31), All Saints Day (November 1) and All Soul’s Day (November 2). A very interesting read with links to superstitions, folklore and more!

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Cold Case Resolved Through DNA; Forgotten Cemetery

At last week’s SGS meeting, Ray Plummery provided us with a “walk through” of his work with the John and Jane Doe DNA project and showed us how DNA is being utilized in resolving missing persons cases. Jacquie Beveridge shares a link to a recent story from KMTR Channel 16 of a 50-year old cold case recently resolved through DNA.

Forgotten Pennsylvania Cemetery

Mount Moriah Cemetery was once the city’s largest cemetery and the final resting place of 90,000 individuals, including veterans from the Civil, Revolutionary, WWI and II, Korean and Vietnam Wars. Years have passed with a lack of maintenance and grave markers have become difficult, if not impossible to locate due to overgrown grass, weeds and debris, with landmarks and monuments fallen over. SGS member Karen Childs shares the story (and hope for restoration efforts) HERE.

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SGS Meeting Thursday, 10/21 at 3 PM

Ray Plumery, retired Federal Law Enforcement Special Agent, will be this month’s featured speaker. He’ll discuss his involvement with the DNA Doe project, which utilizes genetic genealogy to identify John and Jane Does.  During the presentation we’ll be guided through the intricacies of working a case. Also an experienced genealogist, Ray’s presentation is sure to be of great interest to everyone!

Meeting location is: The Mustard Seed, 509 Kingwood Street (Kingwood and Rhododendron)

1950 Census

The release of the 1950 Census is on the horizon – April, 2022. View more info and sign up to receive future updates at FamilySearch.

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Viewing Family Names for First Time

SGS member Mary Gill’s interest in family research has spanned more than 40 years.  She recalls the ‘early years’ when she and her husband spent evenings after a dinner out, with a stop at the Morman Church library or genealogy society to research their respective families.  Today, a cabinet in her home displays a total of 14 comprehensive binders of their research. Their children and grandchildren also possess a keen interest in their family history records.

Recently, Mary was surprised to learn her neighbor Cassandra knew very little of her father other than his name on her birth certificate. Having grown up in Shreveport Louisiana, she knew the maiden names of her mother and grandmother, but little else. When she was 6 years old, her grandmother died, then at 19 her mother died. Despite this limited amount of information, Mary began her research utilizing and Family Tree to discovery Cassandra’s heritage.  Census records were particularly helpful with identifying race for family members. With determination, Mary traced Cassandra’s lineage back to the 1830’s, discovering her great-great-great-great-grandparents and used Family Tree to create a pedigree chart.

Cassandra was overcome with emotion when viewing the chart with names of family members she was seeing for the first time.

Stay tuned as we follow Mary’s path into her continuing research to reveal more of Cassandra’s family history.

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FamilySearch Digitizes Billions of Church Records

FamilySearch reports completing a project which digitized more than 2.4 million rolls of family history records onto microfilm.  The records include 11.5 billion people from over 200 countries.  Though the indexing and publishing of all of the digital images is on-going, the records and a “large percentage” of the images are accessible within the FamilySearch archive.  Read the full article HERE.

My Heritage Used to Locate Family of Rescued Sisters

CNN recently featured an incredible story written by a great-granddaughter describing her great-grandfather‘s courageous rescue of 2 sisters from the Nazis in Poland.  He safely hid them in his home for 2 years. After learning of the story, the great-granddaughter used My Heritage to connect with the granddaughter of the rescued women. View the remarkable story HERE.

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