Siblings – Same DNA or Not?

Mike Allen shares a link to the Genealogy Explained website with a post on “Why siblings can have the same ancestors, but different ethnicity estimates”.  The article looks at DNA inheritance and “how DNA is passed down from parents to children.”  Read the full post HERE.

Another interesting article that also touches on DNA sibling inheritance can be viewed at  the My Heritage blog – “Common Misconceptions about DNA Testing”.  Read the full article HERE.

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SGS Monthly Meeting July 18th

This month’s meeting will feature Genealogy Shorts – presentations on German ancestry and research, with SGS members Liane Askew, Mike Allen and Kevin Mittge.

July 18 at 7:00 p.m.
Siuslaw Library
Bromley Room

The public is invited!

A member business meeting will follow the evening’s presentation. 

~ August 15th, Elk’s RV Park, 4 p.m. ~

Potluck dish sign-ups at the meeting!
More Details HERE

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Translation Tools and German Research Webinars

SGS library researcher Debby Wright shares a link to The Abundant Genealogy site, which provides a free download of a guide on Tools for Translating and Transcribing Genealogy Documents by Thomas MacEntee. To view a PDF of the guide, click HERE.  Read the entire post from Abundant Genealogy and “learn the best tools and programs to help you extract the information you need from documents in order to find success with your genealogy research” HERE.

SGS member Sherri Spencer informs us of upcoming webinars from the Germanic Genealogy Society (GGS), a branch of the Minnesota Genealogical Society and one of the most active genealogical societies in the Midwest (nearly 900 members worldwide).  CGS is sponsoring two upcoming webinars open to the public. Full details and registration information HERE.

Online German Church Registers, Duplicates and Substitutes
July 19, 2018 8pm CST: James M. Beidler
“No genealogist with German-speaking ancestors avoids using church records, and the good news is that many more of them are coming online in digital form. It’s important, however, to know whether you’re looking at originals, duplicates or extracts from these records – this presentation will explain the differences.”

How German History Makes a Difference in Your Family History Research
August 16 , 2018 8pm CST: Warren Bittner
“Two semesters of German history in an hour.”

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DNA Stories

Mike Allen shares a heartfelt DNA success story of a woman reunited with her mother 80 years after being told her mother died while giving birth to her.  Read the full story HERE.

This story, from Dick Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter is of an adopted woman who finds her long-lost sister right next door.  Read the incredible story HERE.

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Reuniting Migrant Families at the Border

Mike Allen shares an article of DNA testing companies offering to assist in reuniting migrant parents and their children separated at the borders through DNA testing.  Read more HERE.


August 15th, 4PM
Details HERE

Send us your potluck dish:

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Tools for German Research

There were two handouts distributed at this month’s Siuslaw Genealogical Society meeting presentation on Hansen’s Map Guide to German Parish Registers.  These guides are invaluable tools for finding Lutheran or Catholic parish records and are particularly useful since the Siuslaw Public Library owns all of these German parish map guides.  The Register Guide is available HERE and the Guide to Volumes is available HERE.  

Mike Allen also shares a document of genealogy research links for church and civil records in Germany.  The list was provided by Cindy Swoboda of Lane Community College.

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German Parish Records

The June SGS meeting features a webinar with Careen Valentine, an international research specialist at the Family History Library.  Her presentation focuses specifically on using Kevan Hansen’s Map Guide to German Parish Registers to find the Lutheran or Catholic parish for a given town, determine whether or not the Family History Library has records for a parish, and which parishes should be included in an area search.  If you are researching German records, this webinar should be of particular interest as the Siuslaw Public Library owns all of the German parish map guides.

June 20 at 7:00 p.m.
Siuslaw Library
Bromley Room
The public is invited!

A member business meeting will follow the evening’s presentation.

Switched at Birth
President Mike Allen shares a link to a story uncovered through DNA testing, of 2 women switched at birth 72 years ago.  View it HERE.

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