Email Scam Warning

Debbie Wright sends out a warning to MyHeritage users of a recent phishing scam that people need to be aware of and remain vigilant for fake emails.  Beware of emails with the subject line “Ethnicity Estimate V2”.  Full details from the MyHeritage blog HERE.

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AncestryDNA Changes to DNA Matches

Member Pat Miller calls your attention to AncestryDNA’s plans to update their algorithm methodology intended to remove approximately 2/3 of the false DNA matches from match lists.  Only matches sharing 8 cM or more will be reported. (The current threshold is 6 cM).  Matches sharing less than 8 cM in total will no longer appear as common ancestor hints or in ThruLines.  The following links provide more details on what you need to know and how to preserve matches that may be jeopardized. The update will take place in early August.

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Genealogy Update

Mirror Trick for Viewing Gravestones
Debby Wright shares a great video by a gravestone carver who reveals methods of non-destructively ‘moving sunlight’ for a better view and picture opportunity of dark, decaying gravestones.  Well worth viewing – click HERE.

Confederates Who Moved to Brazil
Merilee Mulvey read an article from the Eastman Online Genealogy Newsletter that describes Americana, a small city in Brazil settled by Confederates following the Civil War. Descendants of the original settlers still reside there. An interesting read if you’ve been searching for family members not appearing in public records during that time.  Read the article HERE.

SGS Summer Picnic Cancelled

Due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, the annual picnic has been cancelled.

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Genealogy News

U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules
The importance of mortality data?  These records could help your research with proving/disproving a relationship, or provide an explanation for a descendant’s death. Census information included name, sex, age, color, widowed or not, place of birth, month of death, occupation, and cause of death.  The schedules are not available for all states and years. The Enumerators for these census data were asked to record information of individuals who died in the year immediately preceding the census.  SGS member Merilee Mulvey shares an article from Dick Eastman’s Genealogy Newsletter which describes how mortality schedules can benefit your family research.

Census 2020 Update
90,000,000 (and counting) households nationwide have responded to the 2020 Census.

Siuslaw Pioneer Museum Schedule
SGS member Pat Rongey reminds everyone the Siuslaw Pioneer Museum will be open on July 4th & 5th and July 11th & 12th from 12-4 pm.  Corona virus safety measures have been implemented. Visitors are encouraged to bring and wear masks, practice safe distancing and use available hand sanitizers.  The Museum Research Library is available by appointment only until further notice.  The Museum staff will re-assess the opening procedures after this limited opening to determine whether it will resume regular everyday hours.  For more information or to contact the research library, call 541-997-7884 and leave a message.


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Family Roots Classes and Oregon Marriage Returns

Jacquie Beveridge shares news of 1) free classes from Family Roots Adventure and 2) info on Oregon Marriage Returns.  Normally an annual two-day family history event the Family Roots classes are now available at no cost on YouTube.  View the classes HERE.  Also, in a joint project, Oregon State Archives and have made available marriage returns for the years 1906 – 1910 and 1946-1966.  “Probably the most unique (and perhaps useful) information on the form is the number of marriages for each individual.  You would be surprised how often people will see that it was the 2nd or 3rd marriage for one of the parties.  Th returns also provide place of birth and nativity for the parents which can provide good information for pursuing additional genealogical information.” Search the records at Ancestry HERE.

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Of Genealogy Interest

Cemetery Visit
Pat Carlson shares an article on “Five Photos You Should Take at the Cemetery”.  View this and it may save you from making a second trip!  Read it HERE.

2020 Census Response Rate
According to the Census Bureau, the census response by mail, phone and online has reached a milestone.  The National response rate = 60.1%. Oregon response rate = 62.9%.
View the data HERE.

Beware, Genealogy Myths
We all love family stories – but hold on . . .  Dick Eastman cautions us to Beware, for not all such stories are true, (yes, even the one’s we hold dear to our hearts). Say it isn’t so!  But wait – Mr. Eastman goes on to offer that “even the stories that are either entirely or part fiction may contain clues to facts.”  Read the article from the Dick Eastman Newsletter HERE and don’t be fooled.

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SGS Announcements

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the SGS June and July meetings have been cancelled. Stay tuned for details on the next meeting date.

Memorial Day Weekend Events
Jacquie Beveridge shares a link to the Weekly Genealogist newsletter which includes stories of interest, and research resources. A free webinar on May 22 (today!) features the Story of Highclere Castle (where Downtown Abbey was filmed).  Access the webinar HERE.

Member Pat Miller reminds everyone of the free access to Fold3 through Monday, May 25.  Access the site HERE.

Also, on Tuesday, The Genetic Detective  (featuring genealogist Ce Ce Moore) series premiers on ABC at 10:00 p.m.  Originally scheduled for May 26th, on-line media reports the premier has been re-scheduled for June 2.  Check you local listing, as it is still scheduled on Spectrum for May 26 at 10 p.m.

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