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Of Genealogical Interest

Living Voices – Sunday, Feb. 3rd 1:00 p.m. Library, Bromley Room ~  Hear My Voice  ~ Merilee Mulvey shares a post from on the meaning of 20 symbols often seen on headstones. Read the post HERE. California Cold Case An … Continue reading

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Of Genealogy Interest

SGS secretary Debby Wright shares a link to an 1880 agricultural census from Perry County, Missouri. Previously only available in hard copy, the Missouri Historical Society and the Missouri State Archives worked together to digitize the records.  The names of 633 … Continue reading

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Brick Wall Resources

The Brick Walls Q & A video by Crista Cowan was well received by those in attendance at last night’s SGS meeting.  To view that video again (or for those who missed it), click HERE.  Crista Cowan, The Barefoot Genealogist … Continue reading

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SGS News and Links

For those who missed the last SGS meeting or those interested in reviewing the webinar on ‘Tips for Breaking Down Brick walls Before 1837’, the video is available on YouTube HERE. Else Churchill of the Society of Genealogists ‘shows how … Continue reading

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Tattoos – A Historical Perspective

SGS Treasurer Merilee Mulvey shares a link to the Atlas Obscura site for a look at the art and significance of tattoos as identification, patriotism, honor and more throughout history.  It is an informative and interesting article (with pictures) on the … Continue reading

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German Immigration in Oregon and Stories of Acceptance

With our upcoming German themed picnic in mind, member Sherri Spencer came across the following articles of interest: MIGRATION TO THE COLUMBIA BASIN 6.9 million immigrants came from Germany between 1820 and 1970 . . . “15% of total immigration … Continue reading

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Siblings – Same DNA or Not?

Mike Allen shares a link to the Genealogy Explained website with a post on “Why siblings can have the same ancestors, but different ethnicity estimates”.  The article looks at DNA inheritance and “how DNA is passed down from parents to … Continue reading

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