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Halloween Costumes, Witches and Story

From the site, Merilee Mulvey shares a post (with pictures) on the best costumes inspired by history. View it HERE. With many of her family members from Massachusetts, Sally Daugherty discovered an article from the History of Massachusetts site, which … Continue reading

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Genealogy Articles and Tips Associations Debbie Wright recently saw a YouTube video on how to attach a non-relative to an page.  The idea is that these FAN club people (friends, associates and neighbors), or “cluster genealogy” may prove helpful in discovering additional information … Continue reading

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Ancestry has released AncestryHealth, their new service is “designed to help customers determine whether they have predispositions for certain diseases and disorders”. AncestryHealth Core aims to provide health and wellness reports based on your DNA samples. The Core service is … Continue reading

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SGS October 16th Meeting

This week’s SGS meeting features genealogy shorts – Is There a Witch in Your Family Tree?  The presentations will cover the history of witchcraft, whether you’d be considered a witch in 1692, Puritan beliefs, witch hunts, and witchcraft trials in the colonies. … Continue reading

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A Witch in Your Family Tree?

Could there be a witch in your family tree? Perhaps one of your ancestors lived during a time and location where ‘witch trials’ took place. The Oct. 16th  SGS meeting will feature presentations by Mary Gill, Sally Daugherty and Karen … Continue reading

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Of Genealogy Interest

Now that’s a family photo! Members of six living generations of the Ren family from eastern China, came together to mark the completion of their family tree.  The group was so large (500+) a drone was used to photograph everyone. … Continue reading

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Free Census Records Collections; Unexpected Inherited Money

Happy Anniversary, Labor Day Member Pat Miller shares information that this Labor Day weekend is the 125th anniversary of the Labor Day Holiday in the United States and the 127th anniversary of its establishment in Canada.  As such, MyHeritage will … Continue reading

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