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The following are research experiences and family stories shared by Siuslaw Genealogical Society members during interview sessions.

A Box of Ashes Becomes a Cold Case

While the death of a son brings heartbreak to a mother, the theft of his ashes makes for a heart twice-broken. Thankfully, this story doesn’t end there, but it took years before its conclusion came to light. “My husband Harry … Continue reading

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Feature Story – A Census Enumerator

The U.S. Constitution mandates a census of the population every 10 years (Title 13 of the U.S. Code). As such, the goal of the 2020 Census was to count everyone who lived in the U.S. on April 1, 2020.  Households were … Continue reading

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Feature Story: A 24-Year Search For Birth Parents

Donald T. (09 Apr 1911) was placed in Portland’s Waverly Baby Home (later known as the Waverly Children’s Home), and legally adopted in 1914. Although  he acknowledged growing up adopted into a wonderful family, the question of who his birth parents were … Continue reading

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Feature Story – A 52-Year Search

As all of us have come to know, genealogy is about research, and lots of it. There’s also persistence, the passion for making a connection, and then more research. Throughout that process, a name can often be the brick wall … Continue reading

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Feature Story – Ramona Spencer

Anyone would be hard-pressed to locate the community of Webfoot on an Oregon map. Yet there it is – located in the Willamette Valley, in Yamhill County, 3 miles from Dayton, and 21 miles from Salem. New SGS member Ramona … Continue reading

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Jim Barrett, A Feature Story

A self professed ‘history nut’, stamp and coin collector, Jim Barrett has had a remarkable past. At first glance one might think him just an ordinary man but within a few minutes into our interview, I found him to be … Continue reading

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A Veteran’s Day Tribute

Member Mike Allen shares a story on his father in-law, Gabriel Carino’s World War I experience. The story actually began for Mike with a German war rifle stored in a closet in the house where his wife Pat grew up.  … Continue reading

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