1950 Census Preview

Genealogy Gems presents a Preview of the 1950 Census on the questions as well as differences from previous census years. The actual 1950 census responses will not be released until April, 2022 (to be followed by the digital version). This video by Lisa Louise Cooke provides a glimpse into what we can expect. View the 18 minute preview HERE.

What questions were asked?

A total of just 20 questions were asked, as compared to the 1940 census of 34. Look for new codes for the marriage question (Mar, Wid, Sep, D, Nev), and new employment questions.

The Agricultural Census. More information may be available to you should you be researching someone who lived on a farm. The 1950 population Census will include a reference number which can be used to locate a person in the agricultural questionnaire.

Additionally, like the 1940 Census, 5% of the population were asked supplemental questions. (i.e. if a female never married, how many children has ever been born not including stillborn). Stay tuned.

Merilee Mulvey shares a link to an incredible story of Civil War drawings (soldier’s sketches) discovered beneath  layers of wall covering. It was only when the home went through historic preservation, was the century old graffiti revealed. View the remarkable story HERE.

Jacquie Beveridge shares a link to Gray Eagles, a wonderful documentary (28 minutes)of a WWII pilot who is miraculously reunited with his P-51 Mustang war plane after 60 years.  He re-lives his war-time stories for the first time with his grandchildren.

Merilee Mulvey discovered a great article called The Postcard That Came Home After 60 Years. As the title implies, the story tells the journey of a woman who stumbles upon a thrift store find of a 1942 postcard and her determination to research and locate the soldier who wrote it. Read the story HERE.

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