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Roots Tech Conference – Salt Lake City
The 10th anniversary of the Roots Tech Conference will take place from Feb 26 – Feb. 29th. View conference details HERE.  For those of us who can’t attend, but still want to take part, you can view a select number of live classes and events, including the daily keynote speakers. These videos will be broadcast live at RootsTech.org. You can view the streaming schedule for each day HERE.

2020 U.S. Census
In less than a month U.S. households will begin receiving 2020 Census invitations. The invitation will “include instructions on how to respond to the 2020 Census online or by phone. By April 1, most households will have received an invitation delivered either by mail or by a census taker. In areas of the country that are less likely to respond online, a paper questionnaire will be included in the initial mailing to households. Reminder mailings will be sent to households that do not respond, and in the fourth mailing every household that has not yet responded will receive a paper questionnaire.”

Mike Allen at the SGS Table at the library on Feb. 21st.

About siuslawgenealogy

The Siuslaw Genealogical Society of Florence, Oregon is a member supported, non profit organization. Researching genealogy and family history is our passion.
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