Free Census Records Collections; Unexpected Inherited Money

Happy Anniversary, Labor Day
Member Pat Miller shares information that this Labor Day weekend is the 125th anniversary of the Labor Day Holiday in the United States and the 127th anniversary of its establishment in Canada.  As such, MyHeritage will be providing free access to 740 million census records – all U.S. and Canadian census records collections.  Take advantage of free access this weekend, from Friday, August 3 through Monday, September 2nd.  To begin searching, click HERE.

Genealogist Locates Heirs to Unexpected Inheritance
Member Merilee Mulvey suggests an article in Eastman’s Genealogy Newsletter may be of interest to those who always thought (or hoped) of one day receiving an inheritance from a long lost relative.  Read this amazing story HERE.

U.S. Census Gets Modernized – Online for the First Time in History
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, most of the 2010 census responses were collected by mail, at a 74% participation rate.  600,000 census takers then went door to door to gather data from households that failed to respond to the census.  The 2020 goal is to have every person – approximately 330 million people in America, take the census online, by phone or mail between mid-March and May.  Read more HERE.

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