More on Cemeteries

If you really like going to cemeteries, member Pat Miller shares BillionGraves’ post of “10 Cemeteries to See Before You Die”.  View the tour and find an interesting follow up to the Cemeteries presentation at our last SGS meeting.  For example, Italy is thought to have one of the most beautiful cemeteries world-wide, with one of a kind marble sculptures. In the U.S., at the Granary Burying Ground in Boston, MA, the winged skull is the most common gravesite symbol.  The skull is said to represent the “soul of the deceased flying to heaven”.  Then there’s the Neptune Memorial Reef off the coast of Key Biscayne, Florida, with an artificial reef and an Atlantis-inspired underwater architecture.  An interesting tour.

For more about cemeteries  in Oregon, a link to the Oregon Heritage is available HERE.

Intuitive Map Created for Cemetery
The historical cemetery in Charlottesville uses a geographical information system to show information on more than 200 graves and makers at its site.  Archeologist estimate there may be 1  to 1200 burials in the two-acre cemetery.  Read more on this story from Dick Eastman’s site HERE.

Navy Muster Rolls
Member Merilee Mulvey shares an article on the digitizing of navy muster rolls by the National Archives.  A grant has allowed the digitizing of hundreds of 19th-century naval muster rolls,  made accessible to the public. Access the National Archives Catalog HERE

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