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Member Karen Childs informs us of the soon to be merge of two American Revolutionary libraries.  The David Library of Washington Crossing, PA houses 10,000 microfilm reels and about 1 million documents related to the American Revolution.  At year’s end, the library will be relocating from its current location to join the American Philosophical Society (APS) near Independence Hall in Philadelphia.  The APS “has amassed its own historical collection, focusing on the Revolutionary era, science and medical history, and Native American Languages”.  Read the full article HERE.

DNA Test Kit Sales This Weekend (Offer ends 6/17)
Most major genetic genealogy vendors are having sales!
FamilyTreeDNA ($59)
MyHeritage ($69)
AncestryDNA ($59)
23andMe ($99)

Who’s Got Your Name?
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the most popular surnames have been the same for the 1990, 2000, and 2010 census.  In order of frequency:  Smith, Johnson, Williams, Brown and Jones.  View more names and frequency HERE. Scroll to bottom of article to download spreadsheet of top 1,000 names.

SGS June 19th Meeting
7 P.M.; Siuslaw Room (in the library)

‘Walking in Their Footsteps’
Meta Ann Steele, DAR

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