Genealogy Shorts at April 19th SGS Meeting

The April 19th SGS meeting will feature Genealogy Shorts by three SGS members.

  • Mike Allen will tells us how a mystery flea market photo turned out to be his ancestor.
  • Jacquie Beveridge will inform us how one woman’s quest for two half-sisters revealed unexpected results.
  • Sally Daugherty will share with us how she came across something totally unexpected when researching an ancestor from Canada.


Genetic Test for Disease Risk
SGS member Mike Allen shares an article on the FDA’s recent announcement of approval for ’23 and Me to Sell Genetic Tests for Disease Risk to Consumers’.  This will potentially allow anyone to purchase the $199 test to ‘learn if they have mutations increasing their risk’ for certain diseases.  Read more HERE.

WWI Centennial
April 6th marked the centennial of the U.S. involvement in WWI.  
Read stories of the lives affected by the war.  

“About 116,000 American military died during that war—nearly half of whom died before they reached France, victims of the Spanish Flu Pandemic that swept the world, killing millions.”

Read the full article HERE.



About siuslawgenealogy

The Siuslaw Genealogical Society of Florence, Oregon is a member supported, non profit organization. Researching genealogy and family history is our passion.
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