Facebook Presentation Follow Up

Jacquie Beveridge did a great job at last night’s SGS meeting with introducing us to the many features of Facebook, including genealogy groups and other links which can be found at that site. During the presentation, there was interest among several members on  how to add a “favorite” page/group to a Facebook  home page.  As promised, Jacquie has provided the instructions HERE.  Throughout the evening, we visited and discussed a number of websites.  Click a title below to re-visit those sites.

Cyndi’s List – Social Networking for Genealogy (Facebook)
Cyndi’s List – Uses for Facebook in Genealogy
Ancestry.com’s Using Facebook to Grow Your Family Tree
Family Search – Genealogy Help on Facebook
Facebook – Genealogy Group
You Tube Video – How to Find Genealogy Pages & Groups on Facebook
Young Savvy Genealogists Blog
Swedish American Genealogy Group on Facebook

There was also some discussion last night on how to join your Haplogroup.  Karen Childs contributes this information:
1 – Google Haplogroup******** (*add your personal haplogroup )
2 – When the page comes up there will be the word ‘ JOIN.’
Click on it and join the group.
‘Why join?  Because there is a ton of information on your haplogroup to study and  learn.’ – Karen

There is sure to be additional information on this at next month’s DNA presentation by Kevin Mittge.

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